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1. Teams & Roster

1.1 Team Name: Each Team will be referred as they signed up, which shall only consist of respectful language in all languages. Use of inappropriate language may result in warnings and/or refusal in participation.

1.2 Team Submission: Team’s must sign up through the SSOT website within the chosen time frame to participate in the tournament.

1.3 Eligibility:

1.3.1 The Team’s roster shall consist of four (4) starting Players and up to eight (8) Players.

1.3.2 A Player may not be included on a Submitted Roster (and therefore may not participate in the Tournament) if they are serving a ban or disallowed by the screening process imposed by SSOT and/or osu! and/or any other applicable authority recognised by SSOT. If; shall a member be disqualified due to rule at Clause 6.5.2, and the team does not meet the minimum requirement of four (4) starting Players, they will: (i) if the registration phase is still ongoing, may recruit a new member to be a replacement, or (ii) if the registration phase is over, will be automatically disqualified.

1.3.3 All Tournament Officials excluding designers, commentators, and broadcasters are not allowed to participate in the tournament.

2. Scheduling

2.1 Match Start Times: All Matches shall be within the weekend (Saturday and Sunday) based on UTC unless specified otherwise.

2.2 Match Scheduling: All teams must choose one specific timezone for scheduling purposes. Each week, the Tournament Official will release a schedule based on the selected timezone for the matches.

2.3 Match Rescheduling: Teams that are unable to play on a specific date/time for any reason must consult with other teams to agree on a new date/time and notify the referee before 23:59 UTC on Thursday Rescheduling following the deadline may not be accepted. Rescheduled to later weekends are not allowed.

2.4 Format of Matches:

2.4.1 Match Settings Team Mode: Team VS Win Condition: Score v2 Mods: NF enforced Tiebreaker: FM enabled Timeouts: 4 timeouts of 30 seconds each Break before tiebreaker: 3 minutes Break if bracket reset: 5 minutes

2.4.2 Seeding: The top 16 teams advance to bracket stage and are seeded using traditional seeding (#1 vs #16, #2 vs #15, etc.) through the qualifiers.

2.4.3 Qualifiers: The qualifiers map pool consists of 13 maps (4 NM / 3 HD / 3 HR / 3 DT), which will be played from NM1 to DT3 once. Each map shall be played by four (4) members from each Team. With no exceptions, if a player arrives late to their assigned qualifier lobby, the scores they were unable to submit will be counted as zero (0). Teams may instead choose to reschedule to a later lobby if there is an open slot. Players must attend the qualifiers as a team.

2.4.4 Map Veto: Map vetoes will be started as soon as both teams fulfill their roster.

2.5 Late Arrival or Failure to Arrive: SSOT takes breaches of Match scheduling very seriously. In the case of a Late Show or a No Show, SSOT is entitled to impose Sanctions on any offending Team (who are vicariously liable for the actions of Participants hereunder) and/or Participant, which will take immediate effect. Furthermore:

2.5.1 A team will be deemed to have committed a “Late Show” if, after five (5) minutes after the scheduled Match start time, only three (3) starting Players are present in the lobby. A Late Show will result in a loss of the corresponding team's first ban.

2.5.2 A team will be deemed to have committed a “No Show” if, after ten (10) minutes after the scheduled Match start time, only three (3) starting Players are present in the lobby. A No Show will result in a default loss.

3. During the Match

3.1 Assigning: Prior to the map veto, each team Captain (or a Player with similar responsibilities) will perform a roll, and the winner of the roll will be assigned to choose whether to be Team A or Team B at Appendix 2.

3.2 Warm-up: Warm-ups are not conducted in any situation throughout the tournament.

3.3 Timer: All map picks shall be done under sixty (60) seconds. All roster changes/finalizing shall be done under sixty (60) seconds. Each turn of map bans shall be done under forty (40) seconds. If this time is depleted, the team can correspondingly: (i) Two fifteen (15) second extension with a verbal warning per game (ii) pick handed to the opposing team, however does not affect the order of the map pick in the future. (iii) enforced start with x amount of players in the lobby. (iv) lose their ban opportunity, resulting in a random ban.

3.3.1 In an event where a map pick is conducted before the sixty (60) second timer ends, the leftover time will transfer to the timer for roster changes/finalizing.

3.4 Double Pick/Bans: Double picks and bans are allowed throughout all stages of the tournament.

3.5 Tactical Timeouts: Teams may take up to four (4) tactical timeouts of thirty (30) seconds during regulation rounds. These may be used in separate rounds or in succession. Tactical timeouts may be called at any time but will come into effect at the next Lobby Time, or immediately if called during a Lobby Time. To use a timeout, the Captain or player must alert the referee.

3.6 Match Interruptions:

3.6.1 Any match interruption shall be immediately reported to the Tournament Official by the Team and any Participant also affected.

3.6.2 In the case of a technical issue (including but not limited to: connection failures, hardware issues, or uncontrollable external factors), the round will be restarted if it occurs within thirty (30) seconds of the map, unless the Match has reached the point of incidents.

3.6.3 If a player disconnects mid-game, their score will not be counted unless adequate proof of said score is provided. Proof will follow OWC’s set rules of proof.

3.7 Freemod: In case of a 1vs1, at least one player from each team must use at least one mod. In case of a 2vs2 or more, at least two players from each team must use at least two different unique mods. HT, DT, NC, FL, EZ and other special mods are not allowed. Taking a combination of multiple eligible mods (such as HDHR) is allowed and considered as two; with HD + HDHR also being allowed.

3.8 Unfair Advantage/Cheating: Without in any way limiting the terms of the Code of Conduct, trying to gain any unfair advance during a Match, cheating, or in any way bringing into question the authenticity and/or integrity of a Match or the Tournament (in whole or in part) is strictly prohibited hereunder and will be a punishable offense.

4. After the Match

4.1 Complaint Procedure: If a Team wishes to file a complaint regarding the result of a Match then they have up to fifteen (15) minutes following the completion of such Match to put forward their case as to why the result should not stand. The Team must provide as much evidence as possible to support their case and the case must be put forward to the Tournament or Teams Officials. If no case has been made within fifteen (15) minutes after the Match finishes, the result will stand. SSOT shall consider any complaints in good faith and determine a fair and reasonable course of action, taking into account the merits (if any) of the complaint.

5. Format

5.1 Format:

5.1.1 Double Elimination Bracket RO16 Best of 11, two (2) bans (4 NM, 4HD, 4HR, 4DT, 4FM, 1TB) Quarterfinals Best of 11, two (2) bans (4 NM, 4HD, 4HR, 4DT, 4FM, 1TB) Semifinals Best of 11, two (2) bans (4 NM, 4HD, 4HR, 4DT, 4FM, 1TB) Finals Best of 13, two (2) bans (4 NM, 4HD, 4HR, 4DT, 4FM, 1TB) Grand Finals Best of 13, two (2) bans (4 NM, 4HD, 4HR, 4DT, 4FM, 1TB) Bracket Reset if lower seed (team from loser/lower bracket) wins the first match